Working Hard to Make Road Safety a Priority
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Hi Friend,

While we are not a political organization, we are an organization of individuals dedicated to global road safety. We want to acknowledge that our colleagues and friends, especially in Europe, are experiencing heavy, and maybe overwhelming, emotions right now. Our thoughts are with you.

As an organization, TSR is continuing to make a difference the best way we know how—through safer and more equitable roads for all.

To that end, later this month our most recent cohort of Fort Collins, CO-based FOCUS participants kick-off their fleet safety training courses. And Truck of the Future, our aftermarket solution to reduce blind spots for drivers, is entering the pilot phase.

Additionally, just late last month, we began working with ITE on a report that will be used globally to help define near miss data. And we need your case studies!

As always, thank you for your support in doing what we can collectively to keep the world safe on our roads.

Noah Budnick, Executive Director
FOCUS on Fleet Safety Launching Fort Collins Cohort in Early March

"The Safety Culture Survey really helped us to uncover important insights from our drivers' perspectives." - Josh Eisenstein, Filco Carting.

"It's so important for us, as leaders, to be reminded of how important we are to the strength of our organization's safety culture. (This course) is really valuable." - Kenan Smith, Facility Solutions Plus

Our free FOCUS on Fleet Safety training program, which helps companies build safe and efficient operations through a combination of safety training, leadership development, and technology—wouldn’t be possible without our member Anheuser-Busch’s extended support through their foundation. Thanks to their generous support, seven organizations have enrolled in the Fort Collins cohort starting later this month :

  1. Colorado Iron and Metal
  2. Larimer County Food Bank
  3. UCHealth
  4. Colorado State University
  5. Vindeket Foods
  6. Flexx Productions
  7. LoCo Food Distribution

We still have room for more organizations so please let us know if you have any suggested companies we should reach out to.

News and Updates

Truck of the Future Installs Ongoing

Our Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety, a brain trust of the best and brightest fleet operators committed to helping small and midsize fleets, defined a shared problem—vulnerable road users in drivers’ blind spots (or zones). We then sourced an innovative technology solution known as “Truck of the Future” for aftermarket vehicles through our Safer Roads Studio (SRS) while continuing to work on implementing direct vision cab design for new trucks.

Late last month, Humanising Autonomy’s software, the technology solution for aftermarket vehicles, was successfully installed into one of member PepsiCo’s trucks as part of a pilot program. More installs are happening this spring throughout North America. At the end of the 6-month long pilot, the data collected with be analyzed and fleet safety specifications developed based on the findings.

Learn more and let us know if you're interested in becoming part of our Safer Roads Studio.

TSR and ITE to Define the Gold Standards of How to Work with Surrogate Near Miss Data Analytics

Fatalities, injuries and crashes are the main data points in road safety but preventing all three of those in the first place is key. In order to do so, surrogate data points that are indicators of risky driving behavior, such as speeding, near misses and aggressive turning, need to be studied and defined.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), a global community of transportation professionals, and TSR are working on a report to help transportation professionals use big data analytics for scoping, designing, implementing and assessing projects. The report, due out later this year, will:

  • Objectively define near miss data
  • Present the strengths and weaknesses of big data
  • Show how near miss data fills gaps in standard traffic safety data (i.e. fatalities and KSIs)
  • Use case studies to demonstrate how to work with near miss data analytics

Please let us know if you’re interested in having one of your case studies featured in this groundbreaking report that will be used internationally to help define near miss data.

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TSR presenting on near miss

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TSR panel presentation
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